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Your words, sharpened to the point.
Your words sharpened, to the point.
(Shifting comma placement alters meaning; in this case, both meanings apply.)

Working with English text written by authors whose first language is not English

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Polishing manuscripts for 46 years, addressing not only violations of mechanical style but also factual inaccuracies, self-contradictions, problems of usage and parallelism, discontinuities, ambiguities, awkward phrasing, triteness, wordiness, poor transitions, organization and retrievability problems, lack of directness, lack of concreteness, and lack of emphasis. Helping authors make their prose professional, coherent, and compelling.

1983–present Editorial services provider The Wordsman, Oakland, CA
  Editing full-length books, scholarly and technical journal articles and dissertations, novels, memoirs, and screenplays for publishers and authors. Some examples:

Please see numerous samples of my copyediting and substantive editing.

1980–2002 Lead editor and teacher IBM Corp., New York and Japan

  • Made sure that the text and graphics for conceptual, procedural, and reference information—whether in printed manuals, error messages, help panels, webpages, animations, or video—typically drafted in an opaque, dry, and intimidating form, became unambiguous, concise, readable, and even interesting.
  • Taught technical writing and editing in courses offered worldwide.
  • During a 5-year assignment in Japan, ensured the quality of the English produced by native Japanese.
  • Supervised a team of editors.
  • Developed style and editorial guidelines.

1973–1983 Freelance editor, copyeditor, and proofreader New York trade book publishers
  On contract with Random House, Alfred A. Knopf, Dell, Prentice Hall, Praeger, and several other publishers, edited novels (including titles by Robert Ludlum and Frank Yerby), young-adult science books (including a series by Isaac Asimov), cookbooks, craft books, psychology and archeology texts, travel guides—you name it.


Bachelor of Arts in History

          University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1964



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